Animal Planet Wildlands Game App

Some game apps are played just for fun, some offer adventure and exploration. And for those who like an adventure with animals, the Animal Planet Wildlands provide a fun and interesting adventure that also teaches players more about animals.

The Animal Planet Wildlands is set in a wild and untamed land where animals live. It offers a 3D environment and a choice of different animals that live and thrive in this wild setting. Players can collect and add in all 60 animals when they purchase NUKO virtual trading cards. Players control the animals and help them survive by hunting, racing or exploring the land. NUKO cards are also available that will create different weather conditions to make the game interesting. Players can complete different quests and finding hidden items scattered within the wide expanse of the wildlands. The Animal Planet Wildlands offers players to have a 3D wild environment to explore and go into an adventure. This iOS game app is available at the App Store for free download. Nuko cards are also available for purchase.

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