The Walking Dead iOS Game App

For those who are fond of game apps, it is not always the exciting and fun game play that always matter. Sometimes, the story that comes with the game also play a great part of the experience. For those who like a story or two about zombies, the Walking Dead iOS game app would be a perfect fit.

The Walking Dead iOS game app is an offshoot of the popular TV series and comic book. It follows the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes amid a world overtaken by zombies. But in the game app, players take on the character of Lee Everett who takes on the responsibility of protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine. But if you expect the game to be another zombie shoot ’em up, then you have to think again. The Walking Dead iOS game app is an episodic game where the player relies on decision making, exploration, problem solving and a battle with the zombies in order to survive. The Walking Dead iOS game app is only playable with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 versions and up. One episode is already available for download at the App Store for US$ 5.

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