Desktop Jelly Fish Tank

Having a pet to take care of can greatly help some people from stress. The calming effects of having a pet nearby may even be a means to cope up with the problems and concerns of everyday life. But it takes a unique kind of pet that people may prefer at home or sometimes even bringing at the office. One such option available for pet lovers includes this unique Desktop Jelly Fish Tank.

The Desktop Jelly Fish Tank allows people to have and take care of a pet that not a lot of people may have the opportunity or even imagine taking care of. It comes with live jellyfish that can be considered as a unique pet to have. The Desktop Jelly Fish Tank comes complete with everything that a jellyfish need to live and enjoy. You get to take care of a Moon Jelly Fish and, if you are still clamoring to take care of more pets, then you can give your jellyfish some companion fishes to play with. However, you must first consult with a marine life expert to determine what fish will work best for a jellyfish companion. The Desktop Jelly Fish Tank is available at ThinkGeek for US$ 382.

Image Source: ThinkGeek
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