Final Karate Android Game App

Fighting games are something that most males would usually have as part of their game app collection on their mobile device. There’s just no substitute for having that dose of adrenalin having a one-on-one fight when playing a game. The Final Karate Android game app provides more than just a one-on-one battle. The Final Karate […]

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Tiny Village Android Game App

Many mobile gamers are increasingly finding casual game apps more and more appealing. The reason may be because such game apps do not depend in players actually having to finish certain levels for a certain period of time before they can achieve anything significant. But with casual games, players can pause the game at anytime […]

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Sleepy Jack Android Game App

Some people play game apps just to occupy some of their free time. Most, in such cases, would not want to engage in complicated and complex games to play with. This is where casual games come in like the Sleepy Jack Android game app. Sleepy Jack Android game app is a casual game aimed for […]

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Jelly Defense Android App

If you can’t get enough of tower defense games, there are still quite a lot of Android game apps to choose from. But it all depends if such game apps are worth spending time playing or not. But if you are looking for new tower defense game to try out, the Jelly Defense Android game […]

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RPG Dark Gate Android Game App

RPG games have become popular fare even on mobile game apps. There are now several of them that offer players with choices as well as different levels of fun and enjoyable gameplay. One of the popular ones to come out, the RPG Dark Gate by Kemco Games have come to Android devices. Dark Gate is […]

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