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RPG games have become popular fare even on mobile game apps. There are now several of them that offer players with choices as well as different levels of fun and enjoyable gameplay. One of the popular ones to come out, the RPG Dark Gate by Kemco Games have come to Android devices.

Dark Gate is a fun and enjoyable RPG game app that enables players to explore the world filled with demons that the protagonist needs to take care of. A window from the underworld has opened that lets out many of the demons into the world. It is the mission of human heroes to seek out and destroy the Dark Gate.

The Dark Gate Android game app is played with an intense and fast paced battle system that helps level up your character faster. There are over 70 job classes to complete that can lead to acquiring different skills, weapons and abilities. There are also multiple endings available, depending on the characters players choose to accompany them on the adventure. For those who love RPG games, Dark Gate is something that should not be missed. It is now available at Google Play for a $ 3 download.

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